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13-17 Small Sided Games

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In soccer, the game is the best teacher.



The game challenges players who must solve problems to be successful. Games create realistic situations that players will come up against in the game. Through friendly competition, players will be motivated and encouraged to learn the game.

The use of small-sided games becomes an important developmental tool. Through small sided games, players are encouraged to respond to game like situations and are motivated to learn to solve a problem. Small-sided games incorporate all of the major elements of the game.

Small-sided games are great learning experience to focus on areas such as transitional play, quality of touches, quality and speed of decision making, and positional. Not to forget to mention the fact that small sided games are fun and players enjoy the competition.

Several positive sides of small-sided games are listed below, such as:
• They are fun and foster a lifelong passion for the beautiful game;
• Kids practice with a ball away from specific coaching;
• Playing soccer to learn soccer;
• Learning by doing, children naturally learn match situations by constant repetition and frequent ball contact;
• Technique, football insight and communication are most effectively developed in game related situations;
• A small-sided game maximizes involvement in real soccer situations;
• Freedom to fail as the play caries on;
• Encouraging and developing creativity and spontaneity.

This manual gives you ten ready prepared games for your training sessions. Games are age appropriate although they can be used for all levels.
Remember that corrections should be done during the play with minimal stopping to keep the game flow.


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