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09-12 Shooting

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When shooting a ball, the main goal is to beat the opposing goalkeeper.



If the goalie is really good at his job, then you need to create a variety of dierent shots in order to counter his skills. Shooting can be done with power or accurate placing at the goal.

In general there are three main forms of shooting the ball: With the inside of the foot, the outside, the instep (shoelaces). Those forms can be mastered to a high level with the proper technique, training, and a great number of hours spent working at shooting drills.

Important is to follow proper technique when striking the ball and don’t worry too much about generating power and speed; those elements will come later through a great deal of shooting repetitions.

Locking your ankle, pointing toes down, when striking the ball, is probably the single most important factor in developing the proper shooting technique.

Below you can find the main focus when teaching kids correct shooting the ball:

• Leg Position: Bring your kicking leg as high as possible. This will generate the most amount of power.

• Ankle Position: Keep your ankle locked.

• Knee Position: Your plant knee should be slightly bent. This will ensure that you strike the ball with the laces. The more you bend the knee the more chances you’ll have to strike the ball with your laces.

• Plant Distance: Try to keep your plant leg about 20 cm away from the ball. This will ensure that when you strike the ball your kicking ankle will be at a 45 degree angle: the angle at which you’ll generate the most amount of power.

• Body Position: Make sure you lean slightly forward. This will ensure that your shot stays low to the ground. If you lean back the ball will go up in the air.

The important Step: 45 degrees angle. This is extremely important. If this is not done correctly your shooting will not improve. Your ankle needs to be at about a 45 degree angle so that you can strike the ball with your laces. If you are not at this angle there is a high chance that you will strike the ball with your toes.

In this manual all above components are covered through various exercises designed to challenge players through an environment that is fun. The selection of sessions is carefully chosen to suit players’ age and their capabilities in line with their progress in development.


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