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09-12 Turning

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Changing of direction is an important skill when a player in possession of the ball is surrounded with opponents and needs to create space to gain advantage over the situation.  



Turning with the ball is a highly fine technical skill and requires specific training methods that encourage players to practice this skill.
When a player is in possession of the ball he has options to:
• Create space for himself, or
• Change the direction of play, or
• Lose a closely marking defender.
To be able to make any of these moves player will need to get his body in a position that enables him to assess the space around him, position of the opposition and of his team mates.
Players turning technique will also depend on the pace of the pass he is receiving.
Using the right technique mostly only one touch changing direction of attack will get the most benefits.
Players will benefit from having few different turns in their skills to help them get away from pressure and create space to pass, shoot or dribble.
Some of known and basic turns to practice are:
• Inside and outside hook turn
• Cruyff turn
• Stop turns
• Drag back turn
• Step over turn
Key soccer coaching tips:
Make players practice these turns using both feet.
Practice all turns slowly at first.
Gradually increase level putting pressure on the player.
React quickly.
Make decision and have ready planned turn while approaching the ball.
Accelerate with the ball after successful turn to gain advantage of the situation.
Knowhowsoccer team have prepared a manual with a selection of specific exercises for improving your turning skill. Sessions are designed the way that a situation is isolated from the real game and prepared in the format to be practiced. After the skill is mastered, other soccer techniques are added into a training session in a real match situation. While coaching the game, mainly, the focus is still on the correct and fine turning skill.


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