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Characteristics of the complete player

Characteristics of the complete soccer player

Characteristics of the complete player

It is a long list of things needed on the long road that every kid who dreams to become a memorable player has to tread. There isn’t just one main factor that we can say is the most important to become complete player, because it is a mixture of those. They combine together during Player’s career, from the beginning till the end of a Player’s active playing time.


When a Player starts his training and finally, after several sessions, or weeks, or even a year, realises that he has fallen in love with the game, it is already a sign of his success. It is the passion, drive and excitement that one gets from a soccer game. Therefore, Player will need his family or friends to support his decision to give his spare time to the sport and continuous training during the weeks and months ahead. He creates a lifestyle that will lead him to a higher level of performance, no matter that his friends are at a beach, a party or just hanging out in the park.


During his training sessions with the teammates, Player will practice techniques encompassed by various training methods. Technical factor is crucial for reaching descent level of play, and if one aims for the highest achievements, better technical Players will make the greatest difference. There will be many occasions during a game when Player will be in a deciding situation and this skill will help him win.

Players who regularly attend training increase the level of fitness that includes endurance, speed, agility and strength. Since soccer is a physical game with lots of running, changing direction, jumping and contact with an opponent, physical preparation takes the main place on our list. The fitter the Player, the better choice of actions taken in a match. A group of individuals make a team. Every individual Player must give his contribution during the game. And if they act in an organized manner, where everybody knows their duties and roles, the game is then tactically prepared. Following closely the demands that sport places before them,

Player must be mentally strong and able to deal with positive and negative moments that occur during a career. Competing with yourself, your teammates and opponents, referees, supporters, media, winning and losing makes this an emotional game that Player has to take part in. The control of one’s emotions and dedication to the right goal is a skill of its own. Every athlete is recognized in his surroundings, whether in his neighbourhood, at school, town or worldwide. It determines his social life and codes of conduct. Player, therefore, must promote sportsmanship, fair play and should be an example by promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Some Players are more gifted than others, they have better natural skills, smoother motor skills, but it has been proven over and over again that talent is not enough on its own. Hard work, commitment, tenacity must pay off. Player must be honest to himself 100 percent as he is his own judge and jury.

Player must never stop learning no matter of what age and level he is. Every day there is a new challenge and a new achievement, whether that be presented by their coach, their team, a competition, or their own self.

If you try to avoid or diminish the importance of one or another of the factors that determine complete Player, which one would you choose? It is not possible. Therefore, Players have agenda in their diary that they should follow with great care.

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