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Never stop learning to be the best coach you can be – inspirational visit from Scotland

Never stop learning to be the best coach you can be – inspirational visit from Scotland

The other day at work I’ve met a charismatic group of students from Scotland, currently studying sports and fitness at new college Lanarkshire, Motherwell. Together with their tutors, they had the opportunity to come to Malta to develop further as coaches. They were accommodated in a sports complex where I work as a coach and were assigned to follow, observe, join and practice during our sessions.

It was inspirational to spend the most quality time during their spell with us in a positive atmosphere because of their dedication to learning and performing and passionate approach to the subject. On and off the field, they proved to be the right candidates for the post and their tutors should be nothing less but proud of them all.

Together on the field, we presented several sessions to be observed and discussed in details, sharing ideas and experiences. I’m gonna single out the most valid points that we observed together.

The most highlighted exercise – passing in sequence

The most highlighted exercise was passing in sequence, proposed from one of the students. Being the first exercise of the session, it was used as a warm-up and introduction to the main session.

Players were positioned in a small area like in diagram bellow, creating two diamond shape situations opposite each other. Player A starts the action passing the ball forward. If the level of players allows, with one touch on the ball, players exchange passes and switch the ball to the other side, where the pattern is repeated. Players follow their pass after the action.


  • Keep the action fast and with a flow.
  • Accurate pass preferably on the stronger foot of a teammate (not necessarily to encourage practicing both feet but in order to speed up the anticipation reaction, it is a valid point to know).
  • Body positioning to be able to react quickly; in this situation pass the ball in a direction where you look, creating easy and very quick transition of the ball.
  • Encourage habit of making a move to a new space after your action of passing the ball.

To put practice into the game situation, we decided to create a simple game situation between two teams with the aim to stop the ball over the line behind the defending team to be awarded with a goal. With the same objective of the session, we proposed the condition where you must pass the ball where you face upon receiving the pass. You should not receive the ball or turn.


  • Increase concentration and focus into the play, as players must create movement, timing of the run and body positioning in every situation to be able to continue the action.
  • Creating angles and triangles between teammates to be able to successfully perform the action.
  • Increase motivation; learning new things is always highly inspirational.
  • Improve quick thinking and decision making because of using list touches of the ball in all situations.
  • Quick reaction to the situation; improve movement without the ball.

Sharing experience, knowledge and ideas, learning from colleagues, students, staff or your players must be the biggest satisfaction for all the coaches who love the game and have desire to improve themselves, others, and the game itself.

Every training session done by you or your colleagues is a new experience and can inspire you, open your views and lead you to a new dimension where you don’t even think you can go.

I hope you have that potential. What do you think?

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