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05-08 Coordination

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Good footwork is crucial for every player.



To accomplish what he imagined player needs to continuously adapt his actions to every situation. In a small area, he needs to receive the ball in any moment, in a larger area he needs to move faster to reach the ball first, or if pressured by time and an opponent, he must choose the best option to win the situation.
It is to a great benefit if a part of a training session is focused on coordination and agility, which represent two very important physical demands in soccer. Players must be able to stop and start, change directions, react quickly. Coordination and agility training will help players accomplish these movements more efficiently and effectively.
Coordination and agility training will prepare players to become more comfortable performing to their technical abilities on the move. It will help young players to improve overall physical abilities.
Specific training of this kind also helps with injury prevention. Players will be familiar with many different moves and actions in various situations.
Trustworthy way of reaching results in this area is using different kind of obstacles in training.
Ready ideas and variation are presented in this manual. It also gives lots of room for variations and inventive set-ups. Exercises are designed with and without use of the ball.
Most important of all is that execution of exercises, moves and actions is done in correct way. It is very hard, at a later stage, to correct wrongly adopted moves.


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