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What defines better player from the rest

What defines better player from the rest

Pure game

As we are well aware by now, coaching is a very complex profession. At all levels and age groups we shell take it very seriously as we are carrying big responsibility. Even with the youngest generation, the very beginners, we must assure that we create environment and energy that kids love and enjoy while they’re playing their favorite game.

Starting to learn how to lose

With a bit older players, we make sure that the joy is combined with learning and development component. As players get older and focus is growing towards the competition, we must balance it – players should retain passion even when they lose, and stay hungry for improving when they are winning.

The coach is a scout

When they prepare the session, coaches are not only teachers, trainers and motivates, they are also scouts and observers. Whether it is a new team and the coach has to get to know his players and evaluate them, or coaching the same group of players and monitoring their progress, the coach is continuously gaging their level and potential. The word ‘potential’ is what should be the main parameter in coaches’ decision about his player.

The size is not crucial

At the young age, players are changing, growing, developing. Their physiognomy is changing very fast, weekly, monthly. The difference between pears in a team are larger before they all reach their full development. The coach must be careful how to judge the potential. Players physically not yet developed should not be neglected comparing to the big boys. They should be given the same amount of attention and support as they might be influenced by the size and lose confidence.

Except their mistakes

During the ‘scouting’ process, the coach should look mainly at the player’s decisions, the way he takes them, and at what time frame. Reading players’ ideas and excepting the mistake if the idea is correct. Having in knowledge what future players we want to produce, such as independent players, confident, leaders and decision makers, we should coach them with the same attitude.

What makes difference between player and how we will recognize the potential?

The regular player

The regular player will see only one option and that is usually dribbling no matter how many defenders are against him, even if he has his teammates in a good position waiting for the pass.

Better player

Better players will see two, maybe three options, they will see the passing-to-his-teammate option in a building-up-the-attack situation as well as dribbling one or maybe two defenders before passing or shooting the ball. He will do it correctly and consistently what makes him successful in his actions.

The unpredictable one

But the gifted one, the one with potential to become exceptional player will see various options in every action he’s in. He feels the game. He knows what is happening in every situation. He can predict what will happen. He anticipates, reacts faster. From all the options there are, he will choose the best one for the particular situation. He will take correct directional ball control, quick pass and open up to receive it back, dribble and go, send the ball between players or take the unexpected shot. He is always available to receive the ball. Those players are not the fastest, the biggest, the strongest, they are the smoothest. In one expression – their game is unpredictable.

Those players are in the center of attention, exciting to watch, always expecting something to happen when they are in action, game changers. Players we want to produce. Players we want to see in every team. They can and should be players in all positions in a team no meter if they are defenders or attackers.

Know how to approach every age and potential

A coach should not rush with his decision at the younger age and be strict with his judgment. Many times nature and the kids prove him wrong. He has to evaluate progress and crate challenges where players will maximize their potential and make the best possible progress.

The better option is to take you longer to judge then the players prove you wrong sooner.

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