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Let the kids be coached by themselves or to instruct them in an old-fashioned way?

Let the kids be coached by themselves or to instruct them in an old-fashioned way?

Recently, I have found a couple of articles related to modern tendencies in coaching soccer. It appears that the modern tendency is to let players discover various situations by themselves. It does make sense, but it depends on how is it interpreted during practice. Coaches might be of the impression that they have less job to do, that just observing is enough and will do everything for them. The writers should be more specific with the theory they represent. They claim that excessive coaching, constant corrections, stoppages, lectures – can be stressful for the kids.

We cannot expect from kids to learn so many different situations by themselves or seeing it from each other. Balance might be the right way?

Creative coach simulates the game during sessions

Technical, tactical, physical and mental skills could be leaned and guided by the coach who is creative enough to designs the practice that simulates match situation – where kids will be instructed and still have their own say. How to receive the ball, in which direction is a shorter way, how player’s ball control will affect other teammates, how many touches with the ball will make the play faster and easier, what type of pass to use and when, or does encouragement improve players effort. Many of these situations happen every day in practice where the coach can have his impute and help players understand and make better decisions during play.

Don’t worry about their talent when you guide them through the match

The coach should pay more attention when he/she instructs players during training practice, but the quality guiding during matches should not be missed. Players will still show their talent even when you tell them the main points from the touchline. Acting positively, encouraging players, reminding them of their duties, can be greatly beneficial for the player per se, but for the team as well.

Know exactly when to ‘let them play’

During players’ growth, there are stages discovered and identified when is the best time for them to learn certain skills; it will determine player’s level at his senior stage. If players coach themselves – will something be missed somewhere on the line? We need to be clear of the meaning ‘let them play’.

One coach once said: ’You cannot send pleyer to the battle without a weapon’, is that the answer?

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