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13-17 Passing

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Top managers say: „If you don’t know how to pass the ball you cannot play soccer.’’



Top managers say: „If you don’t know how to pass the ball you cannot play soccer.’’

Most players, when they receive the ball, will think about passing to an open teammate. Good passing requires good technique and involves making the right decision at the right time.

There are dierent types of passing that you can use for dierent situations – short pass, long pass, wall pass, chip pass, cross.

While passing the ball is easy skill to master, many players tend to pass the ball with poor accuracy. It is the moment that needs to be aware of.

When you teach passing tehnique, the moments to focus on are:

  • Supporting foot to be next to the ball,
  • Foot of the kicking leg to be opened up,
  • Kick the ball with middle of the inside part of the foot,
  • Leg to continue movement through the ball.

While passing the ball, player has to look at the player he’s passing the ball, not at the ball.

The most accurate part of the foot is the inside. Therefore, player should try to use this as much as he can and adapt the other parts only when it’s necessary.

Strike the ball just above the middle in order to keep it on the ground. If player strikes it too low, it would probably bounce and make it hard for the other player to receive it.

This manual focuses on teaching correct execution of passing as isolated skill, developing to the situations where players are challenged to use the same skill with involvement of an oponent. Sessions are rendomly placed so that each one of them can be progressed to meet the needs how to develop the topic.


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